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In today’s modern, fast-paced world there are seemingly limitless ways to stay busy and many of us are feeling the effects. As a result, there is a draw to gardening that is different than ever before. Gardening has become a way for almost anyone to benefit from the sense of balance and well-being that comes from connecting with nature in some way.

Call us dreamers but we want to live in a world where everyone has the opportunity to grow which is why we are so incredibly excited to introduce RediRoot to the home gardener. Come grow with us.

Benefits of RediRoot

Reduces Transplant Shock

RediRoot reduces the transplant shock that traditionally happens when you move a plant out of its container and give it a new home.

Provides Aeration

Aeration to the roots provides air-pruning which prevents those circling roots we are all so familiar with. Air-pruning also signals plants to grow new roots.

Rapid Nutrient Uptake

With air pruning encouraging new root growth your plants will be able to utilize water and nutrients more efficiently.

Ready To Grow

In RediRoot, roots are healthy and vigorous, and less susceptible to disease all of this makes for plants that are ready to explode with new growth.

Herbs, Vegetables, and More

RediRoot is a perfect environment for a variety of vegetables and edible plants. In fact you’ll often hear us talk about how you can grow more tomatoes!

Happy Ornamentals

Whether indoors or outdoors some ornamental plants can be tricky to grow. RediRoot helps maintain an even soil moisture that gives roots room to breathe.

How Does It Work

RediRoot is a nursery container designed to utilize a process called air root pruning. This process effectively prunes fibrous roots when they hit the air and sends a signal to the plant or tree to produce new fibrous root growth. We think it that is pretty great!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a “brown thumb” will RediRoot help me be a better gardener?
One of the number one ways novice gardeners harm plants is by over or under watering. Many plants enjoy thorough watering but also like to let their roots dry out before they are watered again. This cycle prevents things like  root rot and allows the roots to breathe.

RediRoot can help keep a consistent soil moisture and air-pruning naturally tends to increase the yield of fruit bearing plants and food crops so you will likely see more tomatoes. Still growing plants, like any new skill, is learned over time. We encourage new gardeners to keep learning and keep growing. In that same spirit, we will be growing too, working towards providing more information, resources, and tools that will help us all grow better plants and trees.
How can I place an order?
Call our 800 number (800) 654-2116 or send us an email to grow@rediroot.com.
What is air root pruning? What’s so great about it, anyway?
Air root pruning refers to the pruning effect that air has on roots when they become exposed to it. RediRoot containers allow aeration to happen at the sides of your root zone, pruning the root tips and signaling your plant to produce more lateral roots. More lateral roots mean your plant is going to absorb water and nutrients more efficiently, resulting in higher yield. #morerootsmorefruits
Won’t the soil run out the sides?
Unless you are using a fine mix, it won’t! Just make sure not to leave any big gaps when you’re potting and you’ll be golden.
Why are circling roots bad for my plants and trees?
It may help to think of roots like the foundation of a plant or tree. The fibrous roots move out from the plant horizontally in soil to search for water and nutrients, this also helps provide some stability for plants and trees.

When roots begin to circle, as they do in a traditional solid wall container, they never stop. This means that over time circling roots strangle your plants and trees. Circling also reduces fibrous root growth. (Fibrous roots are what help your plants absorb water and nutrients.)

Preferred Products for Hobbyist Gardeners

#1 Gallon RediRoot Plastic

#3 Gallon RediRoot Plastic

32-Cell RediRoot Propagation

#5 Gallon Plastic Container

#3 Gallon Fabric Aeration Container

#5 Gallon RediRoot Fabric Aeration Container


“[With air-pruning] a tree will put energy into new root development and that one root will turn into four or five roots. As that happens over and over again, you get an exponential quantity of roots.”


Brant Walker
Super Trees

“Everyone’s timing isn’t great but with these [RediRoot] pots I really believe that its given the novice a grace to get the most out of their plant.”
“Something about getting my hands dirty really began to speak to me. I want my kids to know where food comes from.”




Kyle Clifford
Kindred Essentials