Our Brand

At RediRoot we saw that growers of all kinds needed a solution to traditional solid wall pots- whether for commercial growing or personal gardening and beyond. We created RediRoot with that in mind.

With a focus on superior root development and root health, our containers are made to help maximize yields and minimize costs. RediRoot, in its essence, is a tool that helps growers produce the best plant material possible.

About RediRoot Containers

Rediroot containers are planting containers that encourage horizontal root growth through a process called air-pruning. Air-pruning reduces circling roots, Β stimulates new root growth, and helps prevent the transplant shock that occurs when you move a plant into a new container.

RediRoot is owned and manufactured by NurserySource. Since its inception in 2006 NurserySource has brought a spirit of curiosity, innovation, and commitment into the horticulture space as we have worked to develop products that facilitate growers providing them with the tools they need to produce stronger, healthier plants and trees.

So tell us… What can we make for you?

We have an amazing team who are all connected by their belief in the RediRoot brand and a desire to help growers of all kinds be successful. Get to know the faces behind RediRoot and we think you will start to see what we are all about.

Learn What Drives Us

Learn What Drives Us

Learn what drives our team here at RediRoot to do what we do every day. We developed our corporate values as a team so they truly represent the goals and intentions that we share as a company and as individuals.

Be Innovative

We are always on the lookout for new ideas, methods, and solutions.

Create Value

We look for opportunities to deliver more than what was expected.

Be Intentional

We make a point to act with thoughtfulness, attention, and purpose.

Be Confident

We recognize our capabilities and limitations allowing us to act with confidence.

Act With Kindness

We treat others the way we would want to be treated- it’s that simple.

Work Together

We come together daily in support of a common goal both as a team and with our customers and partners.

Be Dependable

We strive to be reliable and consistent with our employees, partners, and customers.