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1 Gallon Plastic

RediRoot Plastic Air-Pruning Containers feature a slatted design that distinguishes it from a traditional solid wall containers. This design provides plant material with superior aeration and drainage while reducing circling roots.

32 Cell Propagation

Plants and trees started with the advantage of 360˚ aeration develop a dense and vigorous root system from the very beginning. This leads to faster establishment of the plant, minimizes, transplant shock, increases yield, and speeds up your finish times.

5 Fabric

Fabric bags were the original aeration containers. They have been widely used in a variety of environments from outdoors to hydroponics. RediRoot fabric is breathable, BPA free, made from recycled materials.

Benefits of RediRoot

Reduced Transplant Shock

Virtually eliminates transplant shock resulting in less plant loss and faster first year growth.


360˚ aeration produces a dense, fibrous root system ready to explode with new growth after transplant.

Rapid Nutrient Uptake

Strong and fibrous root growth naturally promoted by the RediRoot system encourages rapid nutrient uptake ensuring stronger, healthier plants.

Healthier Plants & Trees

RediRoot's unique design helps to maximize root health which translates into bigger, healthier plants and trees.


“What we need to be nurturing are the root systems and that’s what RediRoot does.”

Pat Murphey
Crystal Greens Landscaping

“The RediRoot system produces a superior root structure which is what our customers are demanding.”

Leif Knecht
Knechts Nursery & Landscaping

“RediRoot transplant system builds sturdy young plants with higher carbohydrate reserves. The perfect PreVeg system when transitioning from rooted cuttings or newly germinated seedlings.” 

Erik Biksa
Growzine (IG)

“RediRoot is the best root controlling container available period!”

Dan Nielson
Nielson Tree Farms

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