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From The Roots Up

Welcome to a method of container growing that allows roots room to grow.

RediRoot containers are heavy duty planting containers that utilize a process called air root pruning to achieve healthy, vigorous root development. Our innovative design offers 360˚ aeration to produce a well branched, fibrous root system ready to explode with new growth after transplant.

Benefits of RediRoot

Reduced Transplant Shock

Virtually eliminates transplant shock resulting in less plant loss and faster first year growth.


360˚ aeration produces a dense, fibrous root system ready to explode with new growth after transplant.

Rapid Nutrient Uptake

Strong and fibrous root growth naturally promoted by the RediRoot system encourages rapid nutrient uptake ensuring stronger, healthier plants.

Healthier Plants & Trees

RediRoot's unique design helps to maximize root health which translates into bigger, healthier plants and trees.

Our Mission


We are committed to positively impacting the world around us by supporting growers of all kinds in their efforts to grow stronger, healthier plants and trees.


Beauty. Yield. Fruit. RediRoot


“The RediRoot system produces a superior root structure which is what our customers are demanding.”

Leif Knecht
Knechts Nursery & Landscaping

“RediRoot transplant system builds sturdy young plants with higher carbohydrate reserves. The perfect PreVeg system when transitioning from rooted cuttings or newly germinated seedlings.” 


Erik Biksa
Growzine (IG)

“RediRoot is the best root controlling container available period!”



Dan Nielson
Nielson Tree Farms

Popular RediRoot Products

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7 Gallon Plastic
5 Gallon Fabric
15 Gallon Plastic

We work with growers of all kinds every day and what we have learned is that each one is as unique as the plants they grow. A passion for producing stronger healthier plants and trees, and a desire to grow is what connects us.

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