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RediRoot Propagation for Commercial Growers

Roots are the foundation of your plants and trees. We created RediRoot plant propagation containers with that in mind.

It is our goal to provide an environment that gives your plants and trees the best possible start and the longest possible life. RediRoot (sometimes misspelled Ready Root) plant propagation containers utilize a process called air-pruning. Air-pruning stimulates root development and helps ensure that when your plants and trees reach their final destination they will be ready to explode with new growth.

RediRoot Plant Propagation for Home Growers

In today’s modern, fast-paced world there are seemingly limitless ways to stay busy and many of us are feeling the effects. As a result, there is a draw to gardening that is different than ever before. Gardening has become a way for almost anyone to benefit from the sense of balance and well-being that comes from connecting with nature in some way. Propagation methods are important in enabling the expansion of the home gardener’s stock.

Call us dreamers but we want to live in a world where everyone has the opportunity to grow which is why we are so incredibly excited to introduce RediRoot to the home gardener. Come grow with us.

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Image of roots developed through RediRoot air pruning pots