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Achieve Superior Root Development with RediRoot Containers

Troutdale, OR, July 15, 2017– Nursery growers looking for containers to help develop a strong, healthy root system without circling roots can turn to RediRoot® from NurserySource® for the solution. RediRoot containers are heavy duty planting containers that encourage healthy growth and aeration of the root zone.

“Plants grown in RediRoot containers develop a fibrous root structure, which increases the plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients efficiently, resulting in increased vigor, improved health and shortened production times,” explains Tom Springer, NurserySource founder and president.

RediRoot containers also facilitate easy and quick transplanting and reduce transplant shock. They are durable and reusable for multiple seasons. In addition, the containers are vertically offset from the ground to ensure complete drainage, which further encourages root development and discourages root rot.

RediRoot containers are ideal for all types of trees, shrubs, roses, and perennials. They are available in six sizes, ranging from #1 to #15. RediRoot containers are complemented by the RediRoot propagation system- available in three sizes from TC to quart- to give plants a healthy start from the beginning. An optional fabric liner is also available and useful for flood and drain applications.

See RediRoot for yourself at Cultivate ‘17 booths 1532 (RediRoot) and 2714 (with New Christie Ventures). For more information about RediRoot or any of NurserySource’s products, call 800.654.2116 or visit nurserysource.com.

About NurserySource

Founded in 2006, NurserySource enables growers to achieve more production yield and profit by reliably delivering high-quality nursery, hydroponic and gardening products. Developed BY GROWERS, FOR GROWERS, their products answer real growers’ needs. Products include the RediRoot system of containers, propagation trays, liners, and the RediRoot fabric container. For more information visit nurserysource.com